Voice-powered assistance for your lab

Aiden makes your lab documentation faster and more efficient, and your R&D more detailed and reproducible.

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Lab or desk
Never miss a detail again.
At the bench
Record voice notes and automatically transcribe them right from your mobile, so you can keep your eyes and hands on the experiment.
Lab or desk
All your research together.
Lab or at the desk
All your
research together.
At the desk
Effortlessly sync all of your lab notes, to-dos, reminders and more to your desktop.
Review, edit, search and export from one central place.
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For scientists,
by scientists.

Aiden makes your lab documentation faster and more efficient, and your R&D more detailed and reproducible.

We all have the future in sight.

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Your Benefits

Work hands-free and stay focused.

Aiden is full of powerful features that enhance your lab experience.
Dictate your observations in hands-free mode, take pictures for richer documentation, and write and edit text to refine the details  – all while moving between different instruments and benches. You can also set up reminders, timers and more, so you can keep your hands and eyes on the experiment when it matters most.

Centralize your research and simplify your workflow

Aiden makes it easy to keep your research together and find an audit trail of your lab activity.
Every event – from voice notes, to pictures, to text – is placed on an intuitive daily timeline, allowing you to easily search, edit, comment on, and attach files to your work. With automatic sync between desktop and mobile, you always have the latest version.

Built to benefit the whole team

Create your own library of protocols, templates, materials, and samples – even lab equipment.
Aiden helps document and track every change with automatic date stamps, structured template formats, and flexible daily timeline flows. Record changed variables, reference or book materials and equipment, edit templates, and more. Everything can be easily shared with others in your lab group.


Data Security
We know how important it is to keep your data safe. Security and data protection is a top priority in our engineering process.

Data Security

All data is secured against unauthorized access through access tiering

Data Encryption

We encrypt all data that travels between the user and our system with the TLS 1.3 protocol

Private Networks

We use private networks shielded from the public internet